Getting started with TripProximity is easy.

If you simply need a smart trip tool for your venue or your event, just click on START NOW in the top navigation and you can register and build your own tools now.  Use of the system will be subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, but there is no long term agreement required.

If you need special support or training to integrate TripProximity or TravelingToGive into your business, system or site:

  1. Review our Agreement and Register (choose the link below)
  2. Build your smart trip tools on our TripProximity Portal (you will receive the link after registering)
  3. Install the smart trip tool(s) on your site or use them from our site
  4. Share your referral link with others and get credit when they build their own

Enterprise Agreement

For organizations that want to integrate our dynamic tool into your site or system.  You will be registered as a Level 2 client, and will immediately benefit from all bookings made through your system in the form of a royalty and we will also begin accruing donations to your charity of choice.

The dynamic tool is customized with your data each time it is displayed, so you can add trip planning to any landing page with an address and/or an event.

Channel Partner Agreement

For individuals and organizations that have a network that would benefit from TripProximity.  The Channel Partner agreement is a reseller agreement, but there is no obligation for performance.  You will need to agree to complete our training before representing the product to your network.  Our team will support your sales efforts.  You can elect to be a simple referrer of business or you can be involved in the sales process, which is more rewarding financially.

Non-Profit Agreement

For non-profit organizations that wish to use TravelingToGive to do fund raising for your organization.  We will provide you with a referral code that can be used to share with your corporate sponsors and individual donors as well.

You will immediately be eligible to earn donations on all bookings, which will be paid quarterly.  You will also be assigned an account director, who will assist you in marketing the fund raising program.

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