Get a smart trip widget for Adventures in Medicine

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[boc_heading] Benefits for AIM [/boc_heading]

Incremental, transactional revenue

New service for hospitals and doctors

Referral credit for any hospitals that use the tool

[boc_heading] Benefits for the Doctors [/boc_heading]

More easily plan your trip to interviews

Best price promise on hotels

Get driving directions and optionally rent a car or get an airline ticket

[boc_heading html_element=”h4″]Same day integration into your site [/boc_heading]
[boc_heading html_element=”h4″]Dynamic tool takes minutes to implement [/boc_heading]

Device and container responsive tool

Configure on our custom portal

Write a short script to map to your variables

[boc_heading]When your doctors need to travel [/boc_heading]

Whether your doctors are looking for a hotel near a hospital for their interview trip, or near the great school in the neighborhood where they are thinking about living, the AIM Smart Trip Tool will allow them to easily plan their trip.  The tool easily answers the question: “Where should I stay?” With TripProximity, your site becomes a 24-hour concierge that provides an integrated answer: “at a hotel nearby.”

[boc_heading] For your hospital partners[/boc_heading]

When someone is in the hospital, if friends and family come to visit, there is often nowhere for them to stay but in a hotel.  By integrating the TripProximity widget into your website, you can share  the page location those coming to visit.  You make life easier for the family during a difficult time and your team saves time answering “where should I stay?”

[boc_heading] Make your map smarter[/boc_heading]

The TripProximity widget can replace your existing map tool on the area pages. Those coming for a visit can book hotel, flight or get dynamic driving directions to any location listed on your site.  Those coming to visit can focus on being where they want to be, versus thinking about logistics.   The dynamic widget pre-populates the location automatically.

[boc_heading] Make Giving Back Easy [/boc_heading]

With TripProximity, every trip can matter to the charities you support. A percentage of the proceeds from travel bookings made on your site are given to your charity of choice annually.

For hospitals that you serve that you refer that elect to use the tool, we will donate 25% of the revenues generated on a quarterly basis to their foundation.

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