TripProximity and TravelingToGive, a new benefit for C-Suite Network members

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In just minutes, get your own smart trip planning tools and add a new revenue stream from something you, your visitors and event attendees are already doing.  And benefit your charity of choice with each trip taken.

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Set up smart trip tools for you and your team, for those that visit your facilities, for anyone attending events that you sponsor and even for fund raising for the causes you care about.

We can help you get set up or you can set up your own account using our self-serve tool.  It is free and takes just minutes.

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Travel for any reason to any place globally.  Get cash back and give to your charity of choice.

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This tool can be customized for you individually, for your friends and family, your association, for your company, for events and as a fund raising tool.

Find a hotel room nearby at guaranteed lowest published rate

Get driving time and driving directions to your destination

Optionally rent a car or get an airline ticket

24×7 service in 40 languages

See examples of how it can be used below.
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Imagine not having to answer the question “where should I stay nearby” and having a 24×7 concierge for travelers to your facilities.  Have more than one location?  No problem.  We can help.

The tool is pre-filled with your location address and can even include a picture of your facility.

Save time for your team and simplify getting there for your visitors.

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Guests come to your events from all over.  Even if they are local, they may want to stay over and not have to worry about a few glasses of champagne.  In the past, answering a million questions about where to stay or doing a room block were your only choices.  But now, Smart Events brings C-Suite and Hero Club members an easy way to add hotel booking to every event, big or small.

The tool is pre-populated with your event name, the venue where it is taking place and you can even add an image of the event logo or a video of last year!  You can link that image or video directly to the registration page for the event.

[You may have used our to book your room in New York for the recent C-Suite meetings.]

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We have lots of ideas of how to use our TravelingToGive tools to help raise money for the causes that you care about.   You can put our tool on your Facebook page or on a website or blog, or you can even host it on our site.  Your corporate sponsors can use it as an employee engagement tool.  You can use it for your events or for travel to your offices.

If you are a 501c3, we donate 5% of the gross hotel and car sales to you on a quarterly basis.  That is 10x what you get from Amazon Smile™.

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Our dynamic smart trip tools can be integrated into the sites and systems that people use every day, providing trip planning in CRM systems, calendaring and contact management and in event registration and ticketing platforms.  It takes hours, not days, weeks or months.

Contact us and we can help you evaluate whether this is right for your enterprise platform.

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Through the end of 2Q2020, we have a 4x multiplier on every dollar invested in the company.  The minimum investment is $25,000 USD, using the Y-Combinator SAFE Agreement.

The Company is an LLC, based in Florida.  We are happy to share details with you.  Please set up a time to talk.

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[boc_heading]Getting Started is Easy and it is free [/boc_heading]

You can register online and get your first tool immediately, or if you prefer, you can set up a call with Hero Club Member, Chicke Fitzgerald, our founder and CEO, using the calendar link below.

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