Case Study – Benchmark Dossier™

Your Google Calendar now has integrated trip planning with Dossier™

The Benefits

For the end user

No need to call and ask “where should I stay nearby”

Ability to find available hotels nearby a meeting with one click

110% best rate guarantee on hotel rooms

For the Tech Company


Innovation without development

Incremental, transactional revenue stream

Earlier this year, Benchmark acquired Contacts+.  As a result, Benchmark now has a productivity tool known as Dossier™.   Get custom dossiers attached directly to your Google Calendar Events.

Benchmark allows you to add context to your relationships with its smart, cloud-based address book and suite of developer APIs.

Do you have meetings with attendees that you don’t know? See all attendees and get their social profiles, occupation, demographics, interests, bio and more – all using the power of the data aggregated by our partner, FullContact. Dossier will add a dossier link to the description of your meetings that allows you to see information on the attendees of the event. It will also makes it easy to ensure that all attendees are in your address book, automatically.

And you can also plan your trip to attend the meeting, with just one click, finding the available hotels nearby your meeting, getting driving directions and even renting a car or buying an airline ticket, all without leaving Dossier.

Download Dossier

TripProximity’s portal allows our users to easily track and manage their various smart trip tools.

Clients can build as many tools as they would like, including venue or event tools or tools that allow anyone to book travel to anywhere.

They can also write a script to dynamically pull information from their enterprise systems, as FullContact did with their Dossier™ calendar intelligence product.

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