Case Study – Rich Media Exchange

TripProximity dynamically adds trip planning to images, videos and stories in the Rich Media Marketplace

The Benefits

For the end user (blogger or publisher)

Ability to monetize stories with relevant content

Take readers beyond inspiration to experiencing what you are writing about

Transactional recurring revenue



Innovation without development

Incremental, transactional revenue stream

Rich Media Exchange provides a service known as TripWriters to allow travel marketers and bloggers to store and utilize photos, videos, stories and more.  For each of these items, TripProximity is easily customized and embedded for each location.  As a result, readers can plan a trip to the place that they have just read about.  The Rich Media Marketplace can also be used by travel suppliers and other professionals to manage and distribute their digital assets.

Are you a publisher with reams of content that is sitting on your site that could be monetized?  With TripWriters and TripProximity, an editor can easily go into old stories and tag those that are timeless and create a new category of content called Recommended Trips.  By removing the date of the original story and adding in the Smart Trip Tool at the end of the story, they can more deeply engage their readers and even give back to the local community with TravelingToGive.

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Peter Strimbu, CTO

The dynamic tool was so easy to install into our enterprise platform. It took just a few hours, including testing, which Solutionz helped with. We added integrated trip planning into every photo and every video in our system. Our clients can then grab the rich media that they need, giving their readers a way to plan their trip.

TripProximity’s portal allows our users to easily track and manage their various smart trip tools, including engagement and conversion of views to bookings.

Clients can build as many tools as they would like, including venue or event tools or tools that allow anyone to book travel to anywhere.  Click the image to see the tool, which is linked to RME’s video for the location.  Simple click on I’m Staying and click on the image.

They can also write a script to dynamically pull information from their enterprise systems, as RME did with their TripWriter™ product.

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