There are still rooms available for WWE Live/Raw Combo event in Montreal

To check for ticket availability through Ticket Network, click on the image in the widget.


This is a live widget for Wrestlemania, configured in minutes using the TripProximity Toolkit.  The widget is device and container responsive.  Adjust the screen size to see how it looks on mobile.  There is also a dynamic version of this tool that can be rendered in real time with various variables replaced at the time of display.

Get a smart trip widget for WWE Events

Add the smart trip widget to your website or blog for proximity-based hotel search, mapping and driving directions to your event. Offer travelers what they need when they need it. When your fans come to a WWE event, that can often result in an overnight stay. Doesn't it make sense to bring hotel availability and booking closer to their 'reason'
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Megacon 2017

Social Widget html, body { margin: 0; } @media all and (max-width: 340px) { div#graphical-wdgtz-container { transform: scale(.9); -webkit-transform: scale(.9); } } var wdgt_image_URL = "http://www.tripplanz.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/hvTgeZ-K.png"; var wdgt_link_URL = "http://megaconorlando.com/tickets/"; var eventDate = new moment("05/25/2017").startOf("day"); var daysToEvent = eventDate.diff(new moment().startOf("day"), "days"); var eventLength = 4; var defaultCheckIn = 1; var checkIn = daysToEvent - defaultCheckIn; var lengthOfStay = 1; var
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