Get a smart trip widget for your Winery

Return to Smart Uses Customize and install your own smart trip tool in just minutes. build yours now Add the smart trip widget to your site to offer your customers an easy way to get to your winery. Make a visitors decision to come to your winery even easier. By integrating the TripProximity widget your visitors save time planning the
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Tuscany Trip

Tuscany is an amazing place to visit var type="venue"; var widgetZVars=[ {key:"wdgt_image_url",value:"https://s3.amazonaws.com/rmexch.content/videos/thumbnails/HkK-tkpZZ-00001.png"}, {key:"wdgt_link_url",value:""}, {key:"wdgt_st_type",value:"venue"}, {key:"header_text",value:"Plan your trip near Small Town Cook In Tuscany"}, {key:"poi_name",value:"Small Town Cook In Tuscany"}, {key:"append_poi",value:"N"}, {key:"tabs",value:0x111 }, {key:"refid",value:"7474"}, {key:"refclickid",value:"01-RMM-HJgHTH_2l-HkK-tkpZZ"}, {key:"refclickid2",value:""}, {key:"cname",value:"http://booking.tripplanz.com"}, {key:"latitude",value:"43.7710513"}, {key:"longitude",value:"11.248620800000026"}, {key:"stateprovince",value:"Tuscany"}, {key:"country",value:"Italy"}, {key:"currency",value:"USD"}, {key:"check_in",value:30}, {key:"check_out",value:33}, {key:"guests",value:2}, {key:"rooms",value:1}, {key:"hotel_stars",value:"3,4,5"}, {key:"pick_up",value:30}, {key:"drop_off",value:33}, {key:"departure",value:30}, {key:"return",value:33}, {key:"social",value:"Y"}, {key:"stylesUrl",value:"https://getmywidget.com/NewUXTripPlanz/styles.css"} ];

Vincent Arroyo Winery

var type = 'venue'; var widgetZVars = [ { key: "wdgt_image_url", value: "http://www.calistogawinegrowers.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/arroyo-logo-jpeg.jpg" }, { key: "wdgt_link_url", value: "http://vincentarroyo.com/" }, { key: "wdgt_st_type", value: type }, //event or venue { key: "header_text", value: "Find hotels near Vincent Arroyo Winery" }, { key: "poi_name", value: "Vincent Arroyo Winery"}, { key: "append_poi", value: "N" }, { key: "tabs", value: 0x111 }, {
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