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If you have a network that includes companies, events or individuals that you believe would be good prospects for TripProximity, then becoming a channel partner is right for you.  The categories shown above are our core targets – this can include individual companies and non-profits or companies with enterprise systems in these arenas, or it can be niche systems for the CARE, EVENTS, VENUES or NON-PROFIT sectors.

There are three ways we can work with you.

  1. REFERRALS – Make introductions of qualified leads, where our sales team closes the deal.  We share 5% of the first year’s revenues with you as compensation for the referral.
  2. INDIVIDUAL DEALS – Use our self-service tool in real time to build venue, event or our anywhere smart giving widgets (see smart uses or smart giving) for clients in your network.  They can implement right away, as the system will send them the code in a confirmation email.  We integrate a unique channel partner tracking code into each widget for your registered clients and we share 10% of their first year’s revenues with you.
  3. ENTERPRISE DEALS – Once you’ve completed our enterprise sales training, bring us enterprise client opportunities (see smart integrations) that need our dynamic widget for their site or system.  This is a one to many situation where you plug in the tool once and it is used on many pages of a site or on many client systems.  The account has to be registered as an enterprise client and the implementation meeting needs to be scheduled by the channel partner.  We will provide the full implementation support (see http://www.tripproximity.com/impl-seatslink as an example)and get the client operational.  For enterprise clients, we share 10% of the first year’s revenues with you.


Make sure to read about the program first.

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Register by clicking on the button below.  If you prefer to schedule a call, use the scheduler to the right.

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