SmartNavigation™ Concierge

Turn your site, blog or Facebook page into a 24 hour concierge for visitors and event attendees

Think a “visit us” tool plus a fully curated, customer centric “launchpad” to any other content

Replace confusing menu and sub-menu navigation with images that communicate your content and responds to how your customers want to interact with you.

Easy.  It is all about them, not all about you.

Imagine that you want to update your website with some new information about your facility or your event, or you want to add marketing programs and partnerships.  Time is of the essence and so is your budget.  With Solutionz SmartContent Concierge function, you can create a number of categories, each with an image and a link to relevant content.

View the Concierge Tab – it is live

You are only limited by your imagination.

Click on the Concierge tab and look at the wide range of types of links that you can set up.  It takes just minutes to set up using the TripProximity Portal.


What is it?

Think of the SmartContent tool like a “launch pad” to other content on your site, your blog, your social media pages or to pages of your partners.

Why would I need it?

You are doing more with less.  Now in just minutes, you can create personalized campaigns, get your website better organized and communicate to your visitors and event attendees with more relevant content.

Resource constrained?  No problem.

Once you have installed the tool, you can update it any time with new campaigns.  No need to have a webmaster or a programmer do the work, as you can do it with any administrative staff.  You can create as many of these tools as you wish and they can be installed on your website, on your Facebook page (if you have 2000+ followers) or on your blog.  We can even host it for you.

Where can I put it?

You can use the tool on your website, your blog, your Facebook page or you can host it on our website if you don’t have a place to put it but need to communicate to attendees or visitors.  You can create different tools for different locations as well!

How long does it take?

You can register and create an account in minutes.  Then once you’ve decided what content you want and gathered the images and links to that content, it shouldn’t take more than an hour.

How much is it?

Best of all, it only costs $399, a one time fee payable by credit card.  You also get all of the features of the SmartTrip tool, including the ability to earn a royalty, paid to you monthly and a donation to your favorite charity for every trip planned using the tool.

How do I get started

  1.  Register
  2. Create your account and build your first Smart Trip Tool for your location or event
  3. Upgrade your account online, turn on the Concierge Tab and add your content

Other Ideas

For hospitals and other care facilities, this tool can be used to help those that are coming to visit your patients.  You can link to pages that show visiting hours, information about parking, restaurant and gift shop hours.

Use this section of your event tab to display pictures and logos of your speakers and exhibitors.  Each image can be linked to their website or another page on your site with information about each speaker.

Give your visitors ideas for how to build a family weekend around your event or visiting your facility.  You can do the same thing for a planning a date night around your event (see the last section on the sample tool above.

Link to other events going on during graduation weekend.  If you charge for tickets to the event, you can link to the ticketing site.  You can link to information pages on your site, including parking information for the ceremony.

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