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Brought to you by DaVita in partnership with TravelingToGive™ where every trip benefits Bridge of Life™

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Customize and install your own smart trip tool in just minutes.


  • Mobile ready
  • Can be activated in less than an hour
  • Every trip benefits The Bridge of Life

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When a patient has to travel for their dialysis or is going on vacation or a weekend getaway, there are many reasons why they might need or want to spend the night near the center.   Doesn’t it make sense to integrate this as a part of the map that you already provide?

For the first time, you can help visitors to your centers easily answer the question: “Where should I stay?”  With TripProximity, your site becomes a 24-hour concierge that provides an integrated answer: “at a hotel nearby.”  Additionally, you can help them know the distance when they drive.  They can even rent a car or buy an airline ticket.  And once you’ve updated the page template for your centers, you don’t have to lift a finger.  We handle all of the customer service and even have a 110% best rate guarantee.

Customizable Concierge Tool

We assist you in determining the things that would be the most valuable to your patients and their traveling companion.  The tool can be customized in minutes, by a non-technical person!

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Medical care and taking care of loved ones as they face medical challenges can be stressful. By integrating the TripProximity widget, your patients and/or their friends and family can save time planning the logistics of their trip.  And you save time answering “where should I stay?”

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The TripProximity widget can replace your existing map tool on the landing page for each center. Then patients or the friends or family that are supporting them can book hotel, flight or get dynamic driving directions to your location as needed.  You free them from having to remember or copy your address. The widget pre-populates your location information automatically.

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Whether it’s a family member or a friend coming from out of town to support one of your patients, or your patient lives just far enough away that an early appointment time isn ‘t practical or they have to be out of town on their dialysis day and they are near another center,   the smart trip widget provides easy booking of hotels nearby your office. And the visitor gets to choose properties that meet their proximity, brand, price and amenity preferences.  They can also get driving directions and estimated driving time from home of wherever they are coming from.

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If it is too far to drive to their destination, we provide the integrated ability to book an airline ticket on all major carriers.  And we provide customer service in 40+ languages.

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With TripProximity, every trip can matter to the charities you support.  A percentage of the proceeds from travel bookings made on your site are given to your charity of choice annually.

And since you founded the Bridge of Life as a 501c3, we can donate directly to them.  We give 25% of our top line revenue.  That is 5x what Amazon Smile donates.

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Lead your category: be the first to enhance your patients’ total experience. And be known as the innovator that adds to the bottom line while also supporting your favorite charities.

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The TripProximity widget conforms to the HTML container added to your site. Choosing a location near customers’ decision points creates greater value for you.

We work with your design team to show them all of the possibilities.  And the beauty of the tool is that it can go in multiple places and we can track which one is most effective.  We have already built out your basic tools in our portal.

Your portal is ready
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