Hero Club – Getting Started with your Smart Trip Tool

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►Getting Started
We’ve created a personal trip tool for you, which can be used for business or personal travel. Send a note to Chicke@solutionz.com to get your personal link.
  • Bookmark your tool
    To make it easy to find and use, you can bookmark it on your browser. Just highlight your custom URL and grab the icon on the left of the URL and drag it to your bookmarks. It will name the link “The Hotels Nearby”. You can use the bookmark manager on your browser to rename it or leave as is.
  • Update your account information and customize settings
    Before we can pay the royalty and make the donation in your name, we will need for you to update your Account information using this link. This link may also be used to customize your travel preferences. If you prefer to do this by phone, call during business hours 813-515-4881 x8
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►Why would I want to use this tool?
Convenience | Context | Confidence
Planning travel with your smart trip tool is easy. Most systems assume you want to stay near an airport or a city center and don’t even ask you your true destination. With this tool, to find a hotel, just click on the pencil and type in the name of your actual destination (a company name, the name of an event venue or even an address) and the system will find the hotels nearby, saving you time and money on transportation to and from where you are really going. You can also get driving directions and rent a car, whether you are driving to your destination or flying. You may also optionally book airline tickets for selected airlines. We provide 24×7 traveler support and a 110% best rate guarantee on hotels.
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►Get additional tools for your organization and for your events
Add an amenity for anyone traveling to your location or events, plus a new way to engage employees in giving
You can get your own account and set up an unlimited number of smart trip tools:
  • VISIT US page for each of your locations
  • A tool for each of your events
  • Tools for your staff or to track travel to each of your client sites
  • Fund raising tools for your non-profit
If you want to talk about any of these options, use the link below to set up a time with me to explore how we can help make trip planning easier for your firm. This takes just minutes and there is no cost to you.
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