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Do you have your Smart Trip Tool yet?

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When life prompts overnight travel, proximity matters.

So does simplicity and saving time.

There are so many reasons that people travel.  Weddings, sporting events, concerts, taking your son or daughter to see colleges, attending a meeting or a conference, visiting a sick friend, volunteering and more.  The list goes on and on.

Travel is so much more than vacations and corporate travel.  And we think you will agree that planning these trips is a pain.  We can fix that with our smart trip tools, right on your site with a VISIT US page or integrated into your system, so that when they use your system every day, it will have a way to handle each of these trips as they come up.

The Smart Trip Tools

We have three types of smart trip tools.  They can be installed on your site, or we also have a dynamic version that can be integrated into your enterprise system.  We can even host them on our site.

Click any of the samples above to learn more and to try out the live smart trip tool.

Customize your own Smart Trip Tool in minutes

How much does it cost?

It is free.  Really.  There is no implementation fee or license fee for our smart trip tools.

If you want to earn a royalty on your use of the tools, we give you an opportunity to earn our advanced capabilities, just through your use of the tool.  Or you can “level up” to jump right to our Level 2 or Level 3 products for a one time fee.

And imagine if every trip benefited the causes that you care about?

With every trip taken, Solutionz donates to the causes that our clients care about.  Whether you are a company supporting a local non-profit or an individual that wants all of your travel to benefit the foundation for your alma mater, we have a solution for you.  And non-profits will be happy to know that with our TravelingToGive program, we give back 5x what the biggest online retailer gives through their donation program.

How to get started with TripProximity?

Registration to our TripProximity portal takes just a minute.  You then configure your tool.  All told, it won’t take five minutes, including installing our simple snippet of code.  You can integrate the TripProximity smart trip tool at key places on your site.  Don’t have your own site or blog?  No problem.  We can host it for you.

We have an integrated trip planning solution for every kind of organization.

With TripProximity’s smart trip tools, we help businesses, venues and events better serve visitors who need a hotel nearby.  We give your clients, visitors and event attendees an easier way to get to you. We make it easier for them to get there, right from your site or the systems that they use every day, simplifying the process and saving everyone time.

With our TravelingToGive smart giving tools we provide tools for individuals and groups to benefit non-profits.  Click on one of the images below and see how we can help you get started.

You will be in good company

110% Best Rate Promise

We offer the best hotel rates for over 700,000 properties in 70,000 cities worldwide. If a visitor finds a lower rate, we give them 110% of the difference.

Level 2 Partners Make Money

For clients that have more than 10 bookings per month or per event, you will earn a royalty on each trip booked.

24/7 Customer Service for Travelers

When travelers need support, we’re there. We provide customer service in 40 languages for your visitors and over 4 million customer reviews.

Support your charity

10% of our revenues are donated to charity annually.  Our Level 2 Partners choose their charity to receive a donation.

What Our Clients Say

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