Get a smart trip widget for Adventist Health

[boc_heading html_element=”h3″]Our mission is providing a low stress way to get loved ones to the patient’s bedside [/boc_heading]
[boc_heading html_element=”h3″]For Adventist Health [/boc_heading]
  • Every trip benefits the hospital’s foundation
  • Contributes to overall well being of patients by getting loved ones by their side
  • Super simple to install – takes hours, not days, weeks or months – makes your map smarter
[boc_heading html_element=”h3″]For your staff [/boc_heading]
  • Tool provides nursing, social workers, chaplains and emergency staff with an easy way to help the family after challenging news or tragedy
  • It allows your staff to focus on the patient and not on logistics of getting loved ones by their side
[boc_heading html_element=”h3″]For your patient’s loved ones [/boc_heading]
  • Find available hotels nearby at many different price points and brands
  • Guaranteed lowest published prices on hotels
  • Also provides driving directions and optional car rental and air booking
[boc_heading html_element=”h3″]Picture this use case for the smart trip tool (repeated thousands of times a week) [/boc_heading]

The doctor comes to the room to tell the family that grandma has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and likely only has weeks to live.  After he leaves, their immediate thought is to get Bob here to say goodbye, as it has been 5 years since he has seen his mom.  And Aunt Ida her younger sister, who is 90, may want to come and spend time with her in her last weeks.

Since the hospital has installed the TripProximity smart trip tool on their website, the nurse points to the colorful magnet on the white board and tells them to simply pass the URL of the page, or text the family the QR code and they can arrange everything.  The family is relieved not to think about the logistics and turns their attention back to grandma, wondering if she heard or understand what the doctor said.

[boc_heading html_element=”h5″]Try it. It’s live. [/boc_heading]
[boc_heading html_element=”h3″] Add the smart trip widget to your site to make things easier for friends and family visiting your patients [/boc_heading]
[boc_testimonials][boc_testimonial author=”An ICU nurse” author_title=”at a large Tampa hospital” picture_url=”31459″]”Having the widget for hotels near by the hospital would be so helpful to not only the families/patients, but also the nurses since we are the ones working so closely with the family and patient. Currently I have a few names, addresses, and phone numbers of hotels nearby on a wrinkled piece of paper that I keep with me so I can give that information when asked.”[/boc_testimonial][/boc_testimonials]

When you built your website, if you were smart, you had expert advice to help you with the design and the content.  Like most healthcare facilities, your primary focus of your website is getting people to choose your facility due to the expertise of your physicians and the level of care that you provide.

Once your hospital has been selected, when there is an accident or pending surgery or a birth, planning a trip quickly becomes a priority.  Have you thought about how the friends and families of your patients get to you?

For the first time, you can make it easier for those coming to spend time with your patient by easily answering the question: “Where should I stay?” With TripProximity, your site becomes a 24-hour concierge that provides an integrated answer: “at a hotel nearby.”

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