Getting more people to Kidzania

Kidzania is so cool and singlehandedly drives new visitors to the markets it serves

Bottle Rocket Studios and TripProximity can help you monetize those trips and give back to those communities

Kidzania is a very cool concept that while geared for kids, will be enjoyed by young and old alike. We can help more people get there more easily and to invite friends and family to join in the fun.  We are all kids at heart. Sometimes we even pick fun things for our kids to do because it reminds us of what we may have missed as kids.

But imagine the birthday child sending their family and friends a “come join my party at Kidzania” smart trip tool with their own picture and then being able to show them the available hotels nearby for the exact date of the party.  We think there is even an opportunity to market to locals to “make it a weekend”, where even locals may need or want a hotel room.

We can link the smart trip tool directly to your ticketing engine, making it easy to not only plan your trip to Kidzania anywhere in the world, but also to buy tickets.

Oh, and did we mention that we give back to your charity of choice for every event in every venue?  And you can choose a different local charity for each one, to better serve the communities.

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Imagine for every person that comes to a new community just to visit Kidzania, that 1.0% of what they spend on their hotel room is donated to a local children’s hospital or another charity that directly benefits kids.   With TravelingToGive, which is driven by TripProximity, we can help you implement this tomorrow on your existing venues around the globe.

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Benefit to Kidzania

  • Replace your current link to Google Maps with your own Smart Trip Map to keep people on your site
  • Incremental, transactional revenue opportunity from your existing guests
  • Easy to install smart trip tool for all of your locations worldwide
  • We provide the traveler with support, so you don’t have to

Benefit to your Visitors

  • Find a hotel nearby any Kidzania, plus driving directions
  • Guaranteed lowest published rates on hotels, with 110% best rate promise
  • 24x7x365 service and online change/cancellation for hotel, car rental and air

Benefit Community Charities

  • We donate 10% of our revenue stream in Kidzania’s name
  • Companies that give more are more profitable and have better employee retention
  • We can associate each individual location with a separate charity
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Your custom portal is already live.

We can show you how you can quickly and easily create dynamic smart trip tools for your locations around the world.

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TripProximity is a venture of Solutionz Innovations.  We are the smart trip technology leaders and we are committed to helping businesses add value to those that they serve and making the trip process easier for everyone that it touches.  Most importantly, we give back with every trip taken, making each one count.

We appreciate our partner Bottle Rocket Studios opening the door to explore this opportunity with you.

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This video interview of Founder and CEO Chicke Fitzgerald aired on Bloomberg Worldwide and as sponsored content on Fox Business in February 2018.  
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