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  2. Review the privacy policy and the general Terms and Conditions for our booking system (these are not included in the downloadable version of this Agreement)
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Solutionz Company Values

Solutionz is a member of the C-Suite Network Hero Club.  We support the values espoused here and expect our Channel Partners to support these values:


By registering as a Channel Partner of Solutionz, the Channel Partner agrees that you have read and understood these values.

You further agree to the following commitment in fulfillment of this Agreement:

Our team brings a very strong work ethic and personal ethics that uphold honesty, confidentiality, trust and respect of others as keys to success.  This includes holding all confidential information derived from the Company or its Prospects or Clients in confidence and not disclosing any information that is deemed confidential or proprietary.
I/We promise never to lie, cheat or steal and we will hold our associates and our partners accountable to this ethical standard.   This includes not competing with the Company, nor circumventing the Company by working directly with its Customers and not through one of the Solutionz entities.  It also includes honoring the Company’s intellectual property, work product and inventions.
I/We will say what we mean and mean what we say.  This includes consistently honoring appointments, meetings, work deadlines, deliverables and commitments.

TripProximity Channel Partner Agreement

This agreement is made between SOLUTIONZ INNOVATIONS LLC, a Florida limited liability company (“we” or “our”); and the organization that is marketing the SmartTrip Tools (“you” or “your”)  to its customers and network of connections (“your Network”).

These terms may change from time to time.  Registered Channel Partners will be advised of changes to standard terms via the email registered with the Company.


We will deliver to your clients the Portal used to build, configure, modify and manage the Smart Trip Tools (“TripProximity Portal”) for integration into their enterprise platforms, websites and applications (“Implementation”), which are subject to our Privacy and General Terms and Conditions and our Enterprise Agreement found HERE.

The client will be able to choose the booking brand for the tool.  The default brand is TravelingToGive™.


We will pay you a monthly royalty for the first year of each of  your active, registered customers in your Network. That payment will be based on receipt of the payment by Solutionz for each consumed booking.

The payment will be made by the 10th of the following month, including:

(1) If you participate in the sales process, the Base Royalty of 10% of booking revenues.

(2) If you simply provide a lead to our sales team, the Base Royalty will be 5% of booking revenues.

If that royalty is under $100, you will be paid quarterly.

Multi-Year Payment Option

As of October 1, 2019, for those of you that are participating in the sales process, we are introducing an option for you to choose a multi-year payment structure.     

Year one we will pay you 6% of the gross booking revenues.  Year two, we will pay you 4% of the net revenues (less our direct costs) and year three we will pay you 2% of the net revenues.  If you are providing just a lead, the payment will be 50% of the percentages mentioned above.

1Q20 Sales Incentive Program

For any sale that begins the implementation process prior to March 31, 2020, we will double the standard royalty rate.

For accounts that have recognized unique visitors of 10 million or more per month (as recorded by SimilarWeb), since the sales cycle may be longer, we will honor the sales incentive through June 30, 2020, provided that the initial sales call is held prior to March 31, 2020.

3. Support

We agree to

(1) Appoint a dedicated Account Director to coordinate all communication and support requests for your Network;
(2) Conduct an onboard Implementation Plan meeting with Enterprise Clients;
(3) Provide final testing assistance of your Implementation; and
(4) Provide ongoing support and 99.95% availability of TripProximity.

4. Your Obligations

You agree to

(1) Make introductions to qualified prospects
(2) Register your prospects and coordinate all sales activity with the Solutionz channel partner team
(3) Follow the instructions provided by the channel partner team to update Solutionz with information about all activity
(4) Close the deal, with support from the Solutionz sales team
(5) Honor and uphold the Company Values

5. Intellectual Property Rights

We own or license all intellectual property rights in TripProximity and this Agreement does not give you any ownership interest.

6. General Terms

You agree this agreement will also be governed by the General Terms required by our hotel inventory providers on the Privacy and General Terms tabs of this page. Words in this Agreement have meanings as set in the General Terms.

7. Term

This Agreement has a renewable term of one year and includes termination provisions as set in the General Terms.

8. Entire Agreement

This Agreement, together with the General Terms, represents the entire agreement between the parties regarding TripProximity. If there is any conflict between this Agreement and the General Terms, the former will prevail.

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GENERAL (display and/or print)

  • General Terms

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