LIFE SURGE Event tool

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This is a LIVE sample of that widget for the South Florida Event.

The SmartEvent tool is implemented on your event page in just minutes. by grabbing the embed code in the right column and inserting it as an HTML element on your web page, blog or Facebook page (*).

Once it is set up exactly as you want, we can clone it for each speaker and the title for their tool can be “Come here me speak at LIFE SURGE” and their picture can be on the tool.  They can post it on their FACEBOOK page or on their Website or Blog.  That makes it easy to promote on Social Media.

Each tool that you create or clone can have a different charity that benefits from that travel, so your speakers can support the one that is closest to their heart.  You can also track the use of the tool, so you can see which of your speakers are the most engaged in helping you build traffic to the event.  We will also have booking data on the use of each tool, so if you wanted to share the royalty revenue back with them, our model and our reporting supports that.

(*) Requires the use of a free third party tool, which we can assist with

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