Allow Solutionz to become a sponsor of the National Zoo with the Smart Giving Trip Tool

[boc_heading] Offer your visitors an easy way to get to the zoo and to give back. [/boc_heading]

With over 2 million visitors a year, make their decision to come to the National Zoo even easier. By integrating the TripProximity smart giving trip tool your visitors save time planning the logistics of their trip and focus more on enjoying the journey.  It takes just minutes to add it to your site.

Whether they need driving directions, a hotel room, a car rental or optional air tickets, it can all be found on your site, so you keep your site visitors engaged.

No need to set up special hotel deals, as we have a 110% best rate promise.  When your patrons book using your smart trip tool, if they find the same hotel cheaper (same room type, same days), we’ll refund them 110% of the difference in price, no questions asked.  What could be easier?

And best of all we donate 25% of our revenue to the Friends of the Smithsonian, so with every trip to see you, your patrons continue to give back!

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Think of the Smart Giving trip tool as a Sponsor of the Friends of the National Zoo

Every day you have hundreds of thousands of people visiting your website and that translates into over 5,000 visitors to the zoo.  If just 200 of those needed a hotel room, we would be donating  this amount per year to the Friends of the National Zoo.

$200,000 per year

[boc_heading] Make your map smarter[/boc_heading]

The TripProximity widget can replace your existing map tool or static driving directions. Then visitors can book hotel, flight or get dynamic driving directions to your location as needed.  You free your visitors from having to remember or copy your address. The widget pre-populates your location information automatically.

[boc_heading] Better service to your guests[/boc_heading]

When your customers visit your zoo, they may be from out of town, or invite friends that have to travel to come along on the visit   Doesn’t it make sense to bring hotel availability and booking closer to their ‘reason’ for the trip? For the first time, you can help visitors to your zoo easily answer the question: “Where should I stay?” With TripProximity, your site becomes a 24-hour concierge that provides an integrated answer: “at a hotel nearby.”

[boc_heading] Make Giving Back Easy [/boc_heading]

With TripProximity, every trip can matter to the Friends of the National Zoo.  A percentage of the proceeds from travel bookings made on your site are donated to you quarterly.

We also make it easy to get new members, by linking the tool to your Membership page.  Look at the tool above and click on the image of the zoo on the I’m Staying tab.

[boc_heading] Differentiation matters and so does fund raising. [/boc_heading]

Lead your category: be the first to enhance your customers’ total experience. And be known as the innovator that adds to the bottom line while also supporting the Friends of the National Zoo.

We will draft the press release, the communications to your staff, as well as the outreach to your current donors to utilize our TravelingToGive tool for their own travel to anywhere (for any reason).  That travel also benefits the zoo.

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[boc_heading] Getting Started is Easy [/boc_heading]

We have already built your TripProximity portal and your first smart trip tool.  Our portal allows you to customize the tool and to build others, including the smart giving tool for fund raising.  From the portal your webmaster can grab the embed code snippet to place on your site.  It can go in as many places as make sense for your users.  We help you look at best practices during our Client Success meeting.

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[boc_heading html_element=”h3″]The tool can be installed in minutes. [/boc_heading]

There are many places that you can utilize the tool.  Our team will show you the best practices, making it easy for your visitors to get to you.

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[boc_heading html_element=”h3″]Good things are in store. [/boc_heading]

If you are ready, just fill out the non-profit registration.  There is no cost for use of the tool.

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Contact Terri to discuss the impact TripProximity can add to the Friends of the National Zoo to augment your fund raising efforts.

Terri Buker
VP Business Development

813-925-0789 ext.7

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