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If you want someone to do something, you have to make it really easy


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Have you ever thought about how people actually get to your location or to your event?   Do you make it easy for them?

  • Is your address on your home page or easily accessible?
  • Do travelers have to call you to ask “where should I stay?”
  • Do you provide them a list of hotels nearby?
  • Do you provide driving directions?

Quite often, visitors to your venue or event can find your address, but if they need or want a hotel, are on their own to find the best places to stay around your exact location.   Or they call you and expect you to play travel agent and help them find the perfect place near your facility, taking up your team’s valuable time.

Add our FREE TripProximity Smart Trip Widget to your website or blog and your visitors and event attendees can easily view and book nearby hotels.  It takes just minutes to customize your own trip planning widget.

Help your visitors easily plan their trip, including flights and driving distance, without lifting a finger.

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Many benefits for you and those visiting your facility or attending your event

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110% Best Rate Promise

We ensure the best published rates online. You don’t need to negotiate rates and your customers do not need to compare prices, we take care of ensuring that they get the lowest rates.  And we stand behind our promise.

24x7x365 Service for Travelers

Visitors can begin planning their trip right from your site or blog with one button search for hotels nearby. We provide full support in 40 languages for your travelers so you don’t have to.

Give Back One Trip at a Time

10% of our revenues are donated to charity annually.  And if you are one of our Pro Partners, our annual donation will be to your charity of choice.

Pro Partners Can Make Money

For clients that have more than 10 visitors per month or per event, you will earn a royalty quarterly on each trip booked.

[boc_heading alignment=”center” color=”#ffffff” margin_bottom=”28px”]What Our Clients Say[/boc_heading][boc_divider divider_width=”60px” divider_position=”center” divider_height=”2px” divider_color=”#07aba5″][boc_spacing][boc_testimonials navigation=”Both” autoplay=”yes” autoplay_interval=”14000″ loop=”yes”][boc_testimonial author=”Kulin Strimbu” author_title=”CEO Rich Media Exchange” picture_url=”23948″]”We added a Visit Us page on our website to make it easier for visitors to find a hotel nearby. It saves our team from having to play travel agent.”[/boc_testimonial][boc_testimonial author=”Kelly Happ” author_title=”VP Marketing and Sales, Travel Daily Media USA” picture_url=”23947″]”We are excited about providing trip planning to all of the travel industry events that are listed on our publication. We can even ‘trip-enable’ any video or image in a story!”[/boc_testimonial][boc_testimonial author=”Mary Jo Becker” author_title=”Founder, Arizona Golf Trails” picture_url=”23949″]”TripProximity provides our golfing clients with the luxury of a concierge and the convenience of self-service booking, including giving them the choice to book two rooms for their foursome.”[/boc_testimonial][boc_testimonial author=”Dr. John Frattarelli, MD, HCLD” author_title=”Fertility Institute of Hawaii” picture_url=”23946″]”When we have off-island patients that are trying to have a baby with our in vitro services, it is great to remove the stress of finding an affordable hotel nearby, particularly during tourist season.”[/boc_testimonial][/boc_testimonials]
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