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Customize and install your own smart trip tool for each of your locations in just minutes.

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When you built your current website, if you were smart, you had expert advice to help you with the design and the content.  Like most healthcare facilities, your primary focus of your website is getting people to choose your facility due to the expertise of your physicians and the level of care that you provide.

Once your hospital has been selected, when a patient gets an initial cancer diagnosis or treatment is not progressing as planned, getting friends and family there is a priority.  Have you thought about how the support network of your patients get to you?

For the first time, you can make it easier for those coming to spend time with your patient by easily answering the question: “Where should I stay?” With TripProximity, your site becomes a 24-hour concierge that provides an integrated answer: “at a hotel nearby.”

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When someone is in the hospital, if friends and family come to visit, there is often nowhere for them to stay but in a hotel.  By integrating the TripProximity widget into your website, you can share  the page location those coming to visit.  You make life easier for the family during a difficult time and your team saves time answering “where should I stay?”

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When a surgical procedure, chemo or radiation is scheduled, often the patient has to be at the hospital super-early to prepare.  Even if the patient is local, if they live more than an hour away, getting there can add angst to an already stressful situation.  Suggesting that they come in the night before is an option that would give the patient a good night’s sleep and eliminate the problem of traffic making them late for their procedure.

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The TripProximity widget can replace your existing map tool and your static driving directions. Those coming for a visit can book hotel, flight or get dynamic driving directions to your location.  Those coming to visit can focus on their loved one, versus thinking about logistics.   The widget pre-populates your location automatically.

[boc_heading] Make Giving Back Easy [/boc_heading]

With TripProximity, every trip can make a difference. 25% of our proceeds from travel bookings made on your site are given to your foundation quarterly and we can even work with you to create a special program to fund travel for those that can’t afford to be by the side of their loved ones..

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The TripProximity widget conforms to the HTML container added to your site. Choosing a location near customers’ decision points creates greater value for you.

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It just takes minutes to configure and install your widget on your site or blog.   Contact Stan o discuss the impact TripProximity can add.

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Stan Liberatore

VP Client Solutions

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