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As I was growing up, I dreamed of going to Julliard.  I have loved music as long as I can remember, whether it was piano, or singing or playing the guitar.

When I was in high school, my parents adopted my brother from the eastern part of Russia.  I went with them to pick him up and we stopped for a few days in Seoul, to make the adjustment for Sergey a little easier.  My mom is a musician and talked my dad into taking us to see La traviata with the Korea National Opera.  I fell in love with the soprano, who was making her debut in that performance.

My birthday is November 1st and my friends and I had decided to go to New York for a long weekend.  Imagine my excitement when I saw that Hyesang Park was performing with Brian Zeger at none other than Julliard!   I quickly grabbed three tickets and then planned to start the long arduous search for a hotel.  We’d love to stay nearby so we can go out to eat before the show and then be able to just walk to the show and back.  As I well know, that is easier said than done.   I was so excited when at the end of the purchase process, it asked if I wanted or needed a hotel room.  YES!  I was thrilled when I found an affordable hotel just .2 miles from Alice Tully Hall at Julliard, although I have to admit that I was tempted (only for a moment) to stay at the Trump Tower which is just .3 miles away!  This was just so easy.  And on top of that, it said that 25% of the profits from the transaction go to the Julliard School.  That sealed the deal.

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Event attendees, even those that are local, often need or want a hotel room.  Patron is leaving money (and donations) on the table.

Our dynamic tool can be installed in minutes on the page template for event venues and integrated into the buying path and in confirmations on the ticketing platform, providing incremental revenue from events immediately.

Average conversion above the fold (without scrolling) is 4.6% and below the fold (with scrolling) is 2.6%.  And if you embed in the buying path and/or the ticket confirmation, you can increase conversion to double digits.

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