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I’ve loved playing with sound systems and lighting since I was in high school.  Now I’m living the dream.  I’m traveling with the best bands and performers that I never even believed I’d be able to see perform, let alone be on their crew.  This week I need to find a hotel nearby Julliard in New York City.  We’re on a budget, but I’ve learned that if you search for a 2-star hotel, you can look those that have a Wonderful or Exceptional rating.  You can even find hidden gems, including apartments, so the guys and I can cook and not have to have the expense of eating out!

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Our dynamic tool can be installed in minutes on the page template for your venues, providing incremental revenue immediately.  You may have the map view or the hotel booking (I’m Staying) view.

Average conversion above the fold is 4.6% and below the fold is 2.6%.


Installs in minutes

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