[boc_heading alignment=”center” css_animation=”fade-in” color=”#ffffff” margin_bottom=”40px”]BECOME A PLATINUM CHANNEL PARTNER – DONATION MODEL[/boc_heading]

You are eligible to be a Platinum Channel Partner if:

  • You use the TravelingToGive tool on your own websites/social media channels AND you refer us to other clients
  • You agree to our DONATION ONLY model, where we donate to your 501c3 or that of your favorite charity
  • Your organization’s efforts benefit FAITH, FAMILY and FREEDOM
[boc_heading]The GIVE [/boc_heading]

CLIENT – 50% donation from all booking activity from your websites to your 501c3, or if you are a for profit entity, 25% to your organization and 25% to your charity of choice

CHANNEL PARTNER – 25% donation for any introductions to other organizations for all booking activity made through their sites, payable quarterly with $100 minimum (they would also be eligible for revenue sharing and/or donation depending on their status)

  • Automatic upgrade to Level 3 for all activations of TravelingToGive for you as a CLIENT and any referrals as a CHANNEL PARTNER
  • Dedicated account team providing monthly marketing support (in addition to tech support and analytics review)
  • First access to major enhancements, with most favored nations pricing if there is a fee for the capabilities
  • Case study featured on our website
[boc_heading]The ASK [/boc_heading]
  • Addition of the TravelingToGive fund raising tool to your corporate sites within one week of registering as a Platinum Partner
  • Assignment of a point person that works with our marketing team on the recommended placement of the tool(s) on your site and Facebook page (if appropriate)
  • Press release about the participation in the program following successful implementation
  • Participation in monthly review call to review placement and communication recommendations
  • Participation as a Channel Partner of Solutionz, referring TravelingToGive to your supporters for implementation on their sites, systems, blogs and Facebook pages
  • Contribution of ideas to the Product Council
[boc_heading]It is easy to get started [/boc_heading]

If you are the first to accept the offer by registering as our marquis partner, you have our commitment that you will be the only one in your sector.

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