Get a smart trip widget for Signature Grand for your events

[boc_heading] Add the smart trip widget to your event website.  Make it super easy for your guests to attend. [/boc_heading]

There are two reasons that people come to your website.  First is for the event planner, who needs to make a decision about where to have their event.  The second is for those attending the event.  They want to know how to get there.

Without TripProximity, it will seem like you  answer the question: “Where should I stay?” a million times before the big day of each event held at Signature Grand. For the first time, there is an easy way to help visitors get to the event. Whether they are driving or flying and whether they are local or from out of town.

With TripProximity, your event site becomes a 24-hour concierge that provides an integrated answer: “at a hotel nearby.”

[boc_heading] Make life easier for your guests[/boc_heading]

Make individuals’ decision to attend your events even easier. By integrating the TripProximity widget your guests save time planning the logistics surrounding your event.  You can use our standard venue widget and provide that link to each meeting planner, or you can use our dynamic tool and for each event that has its own landing page, you can insert the widget and pass parameters from your page (such as event name and dates) so that each event in essence has its own customized smart planning tool.

[boc_heading] Make your map smarter[/boc_heading]

The TripProximity widget can replace your existing map tool or static driving directions to your facility.   Then guests can book hotel, flight or get dynamic driving directions to your location, versus just “from downtown” or “from the airport”.  You free your guests from having to lookup your address. And if you are using our dynamic tool, the widget pre-populates the event date and your location information automatically.

[boc_heading] Customize your widget to match your site[/boc_heading]

We can easily set the colors to match your site and you can include your photo right in the widget.

With our dynamic widget, if you have an online RSVP system, you can link the photo to the RSVP system.  If you have high end guests, you can set the widget to show only 4 and 5 star hotels.  If your guests are on a budget, you can elect to show 1 and 2 star hotels, in addition to higher end properties.

[boc_heading] Make Giving Back Easy [/boc_heading]

With TripProximity, every trip can matter to the charities you support.  A percentage of the proceeds from travel bookings to the events held in your facility are given to your charity of choice.

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[boc_heading alignment=”center”] Site placement is easy.[/boc_heading]

The TripProximity widget conforms to the HTML container added to your site. Choosing a location near your guests’ decision points creates greater value for you.

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Wedding Venues, Wedding Planners and Brides

It just takes minutes to configure and install your widget on your site or blog.   Contact Chris to get the Smart Trip Widget for your site or blog.

Enterprise Implementation for Wedding Website Companies

If you have a system that allows brides or wedding planners to create wedding web sites and would like to discuss adding TripProximity to that system, call our VP of Enterprise Systems, Chris Salem.  He can discuss with you our dynamic widget tool and talk about the financial impact it can have on your business.

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Chris Salem

VP Enterprise Solutions

813-925-0789 ext. 1




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