Get a smart giving trip tool from Feeding Tampa Bay for your company to contribute even more

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Our TravelingToGive smart giving trip tool provides easy access 700,000 hotels around the world.   The tool shown below is our VENUE tool which can be used for your headquarters location.  We also have a dynamic version that can be used to power a list of locations around the world.

We also have an ANYWHERE tool that allows your team to use the tool for their bookings.  So when a meeting with a prospect or a conference motivates an overnight stay, a hotel nearby makes planning so much easier. And with auto lookup you just enter the place that you want to go and the system looks up the full address where you are actually going.

And every trip benefits Feeding Tampa Bay.

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Your webmaster or marketing team can install the smart trip tool in minutes.  It is device responsive and container responsive.  And Solutionz Innovations helps every step of the way.  They will even brainstorm with your team to find other uses for the tool or other ways to raise money for Feeding Tampa Bay.  They have a rich heritage of innovation and strategy.



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