Get a smart giving trip tool from Women Like Us for your company to contribute even more

[boc_heading]Give while you sleep. Literally. [/boc_heading][boc_heading html_element=”p”] Add the smart giving trip tool to your website so that ANY trip made by your team & friends benefits your favorite cause. [/boc_heading][boc_divider divider_color=”#eeeeee”]

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[boc_spacing][boc_top_icon_box title=”Build a smart giving tool in 5 minutes.” has_icon_color=”yes” icon=”icon icon-clock3″]Get a customized smart giving tool like this for your company and your staff.[/boc_top_icon_box][boc_spacing height=”60px”][boc_button btn_content=”Build yours now” href=” https://portal.tripproximity.com/register/smartgiving?r=ePJC3504EL07rctD” target=”_blank” size=”btn_huge” color=”btn_jade” border_radius=”btn_circled”]

Our TravelingToGive smart giving trip tool provides easy access 700,000 hotels around the world. So when a meeting with a prospect or a conference motivates an overnight stay, a hotel nearby makes planning so much easier. And with auto lookup you just enter the place that you want to go and the system looks up the full address where you are actually going.

[boc_heading] Super easy[/boc_heading]

Two ways to work it: your tool on our TravelingToGive.com site, secured by your unique login and password.   Or integrate on your site by grabbing the embed code. Just set up an account to begin.

[boc_heading] Support many charities with multiple smart trip tools[/boc_heading]

You can support one charity or many. You can set up a smart giving trip tool for every charity you support. And you can limit it to staff or you can extend it to friends and family to use. Each trip generates a donation to that tool’s designated charity.

[boc_heading] We give 25% of our revenues to your charity of choice [/boc_heading]

Every trip can matter to the charities you support. When the accrued donation (25% of trip royalties) is over $100, we donate the proceeds quarterly in your name. For accrued donations under $100  we donate annually.

[boc_heading] Great rates. [/boc_heading]

And be confident you get great rates. If after booking with us, you find a better published price, we will refund 110% of the difference.

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[boc_heading]Good things are in store. [/boc_heading]

We know that every incremental dollar helps a non-profit.  If you’d like to calculate the potential annual impact of your organization’s travel, click the button below and choose Smart Giving.

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