Get a smart giving trip tool from Women Like Us for you and your friends

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Have you been thinking about how you can better support the causes that you care about and how you can leave a legacy?

Our TravelingToGive smart giving trip tool lets you, your friends and your family make a reservation to any one of 700,000 hotels around the world.  And best of all, Traveling To Give is powered by TripProximity, so you just enter the place that you want to go (which can be the name of an organization, a place or even start typing an address) and the system will look up the full address and find the hotels that are the most convenient to the place you are really going.

Imagine making an impact on your favorite charity while you sleep. Literally.

We will protect you from paying too much with our 110% Best Price Promise.  After booking with us, if you find anyone finds a better published price, we will refund 110% of the difference.

So it doesn’t cost you anything to give to your charity. It’s just changing your travel shopping to benefit your charity. Easy, huh?

[boc_heading] Super easy implementation[/boc_heading]

The tool will be available to you on our TravelingToGive.com site, secured by your unique login and password.  You can share your unique URL with any of your friends and family.

If you prefer to integrate it into a system or blog, integration is easy.  You can grab the embed code and put it on your own website or blog.  Just login to your portal once you receive the confirmation email.  Either way, it takes just minutes.

[boc_heading] Make your map smarter[/boc_heading]

Our smart map will pre-populate with the information about your destination automatically.   Just use the pencil in the Hotel Tab to enter the name of the organization you are visiting, or the name of any venue or any address and you can then click on the map tool and it will show you your destination.

[boc_heading] Support other giving campaigns with smart trip planning[/boc_heading]

You can have one smart giving campaign, or many.  You can limit it to your friends and family or you can publish your campaign on your social network. And no matter matter the reason for the trip, the end traveler gets to choose properties that meet their proximity, brand, price and amenity preferences and each trip accrues to the appropriate giving campaign.

[boc_heading] We give 25% of our revenues to your charity of choice [/boc_heading]

With TripProximity, every trip can matter to the charities you support. When you use the smart giving tool, as long as the accrued amount is $100 or more, we donate the proceeds quarterly in your name.   If you don’t reach the quarterly threshold, we donate annually.

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[boc_heading]Good things are in store. [/boc_heading]

If you’d like to calculate the potential annual impact of your monthly travel, click the button below and choose Smart Giving.

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