Get a smart giving trip tool for Feeding Tampa Bay

For Feeding Tampa Bay


  • New source of giving and engagement for all of your donors and volunteers
  • 25% donation on the gross revenues earned by Solutionz on travel bookings
  • Opportunity to be the Smart Giving “poster child” with an extra 5% earmarked by Solutionz for marketing initiatives

For your Corporate Supporters


  • VISIT US page for corporate websites providing an easy way for visitors to plan their trip to various locations
  • TravelingToGive Club provides new benefit for employees and also gives a percentage of revenues to Feeding Tampa Bay as a donation
  • Solutionz will provide support to implement and for creative ideas for promotion

For your volunteers and the travelers


  • Benefit Feeding Tampa Bay with every trip taken
  • Find hotels nearby any place, any company, any address with guaranteed lowest published price
  • 24×7 support in 40 languages
  • Also get driving directions, rent a car and purchase airline tickets
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[boc_spacing][boc_heading html_element=”h1″] Fundraise while your donors sleep. Literally. [/boc_heading][boc_heading html_element=”p”] Add the smart giving trip tool to your website and earn 25% royalty on travel made by your team, your board, and your supporters. Each trip benefits your organization. [/boc_heading][boc_spacing height=”40px”]

Increase your impact when your supporters use your TravelingToGive smart giving trip tool.

Not only will your supporters like giving to your cause with their travel purchases, they will love the proximity-based hotel search a TravelingToGive smart giving trip tool provides. After all, proximity matters.


Life on the road is easier when you stay nearby the reason for the trip. Our auto lookup pulls up the full address where you are actually going. Then searches across 700,000 hotels to find the closest hotels. Your supporters save time and money while at their destination.


It doesn’t cost you anything to fundraise with TravelingToGive. It’s just takes your promotion of a new way for supporters to book hotels to benefit your charity. Easy, huh?

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