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The TripProximity smart trip tool helps people find where you are located. It helps them get there.  And helps them find a hotel nearby your company, venue or event.

It’s all about saving time. Whether you are on the receiving end of the “where are you located?” or “where should I stay?” calls or you are the one making it, proximity matters.

  • Proximity to your location.
  • Proximity to hotels nearby.

Take a minute (literally) to learn what TripProximity does

Configure your smart trip tool in minutes

The Smart Stay View

The free TripProximity smart trip widget helps visitors find the available hotels nearby your location or event.

and they can get driving directions and optional car rental and air booking.

For venues and events that visitors may need a hotel nearby, you will want to use our Smart Stay version of the tool, which positions the “I’m Staying” tab as the first thing users see.

Live Smart Trip View

The Smart Map View

The large format map allows your visitors to see precisely where you are

and if you already have a map on your site, you can replace it with TripProximity. Just upgrade to Level 2 for a $25 one time fee.

If more of your visitors’ focus is to find where you are and view driving directions, then you will want our Smart Map view.  They will still have access to hotel booking if they need it.

Live Smart Map View

It takes just minutes to configure the TripProximity smart trip tool, including hotels nearby, air booking and driving directions.  And best of all it is free.

Install on Facebook

If you have 2000+ Facebook followers, you can install a tab, and then install the smart trip tool right on your Facebook page.

And when you make just 10 bookings, you automatically get promoted to Level 2 as our partner and you begin earning a royalty on each booking.  Then you’re in charge of options to including our smart map, travel preferences and customizing the look and feel.  You choose the color scheme that matches your site/system user interface.  Don’t want to wait?  You will be given the opportunity to upgrade for just $25.

Want more info on levels?  Click HERE.

If you would like to understand the process, look at our Quick Start Guide.


Start today. It’s easy.

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