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Proximity matters.

Where smart visitors start

The thought of attending an event leads visitors online. For sites that bring together information for these life events, the TripProximity smart trip widget integrates trip planning at the reason for the trip.

Enhanced visitor experience

It creates a seamless experience by saving time in securing a hotel in close proximity.

Got 5 minutes?

Get a customized smart trip widget for your company, venue or event.

Integration is easy.  It takes minutes, not days integrate our smart widget into your system.

Proximity matters.

When life’s events motivate an overnight stay, a convenient and preferred hotel nearby makes the decision to visit all the easier.

The following Smart Uses demonstrate the range of businesses served by the TripProximity smart trip widget.  But this is just the beginning. How might it enhance service to your visitors or event attendees?

hotels nearby amphitheatres

It takes just a few minutes

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