AFWPI introduces TripProximity Smart Events, providing intelligent trip planning for all of your events.

Imagine that five minutes from now, you could solve one of the most annoying elements of any event AND have some incremental revenue!

Guests come to your events from all over.  Even if they are local, they may want to stay over and not have to worry about a few glasses of champagne.  In the past, answering a million questions about where to stay or doing a room block were your only choices.  But now, Smart Events brings AFWPI members an easy way to add hotel booking to every event, big or small.

Now with TripProximity, you can create a hotel booking page for their guests, customized to the event.


Trip Proximity is free to AFWPI members and they have negotiated for members to earn a royalty on every booking.

Case Study

This scenario plays out every day for couples getting married.

My wedding planner is amazing.  She found the most wonderful venue for the wedding in Yolo County near where my parents live.  It is a historic ranch and once I saw it, I knew that this was where we would have our dream wedding.


My only fear about it was that the closest hotels were 15 miles away and we have people coming from literally all over the world for the wedding.   I don’t have time to play travel agent to them all.


Once again, my wedding planner came through.  She created a page for me to send to all the guests so that they can find their own place to stay and it provides driving directions and for those coming from out of state or out of the country, they can even book their air tickets and rent a car.


Now I can focus on more important things!

Test it out. Experience the magic of proximity-based hotel booking for your events

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Getting Started Guide

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