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[boc_heading]What are the benefits? [/boc_heading]
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Let each guest choose the closest
hotel that best serves their needs


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Earn a royalty on each completed
TripProximity hotel stay


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Annually we make a donation for each completed hotel stay.


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[boc_heading]Frequently Asked Questions [/boc_heading]

How much does the tool cost?

It is free to you and to your client, as well as to the travelers.

How long does it take to create a smart event tool?

It should not take more than a few minutes.  Make sure you have the venue name, an image for the tool (this could be a picture of the venue or for a wedding, it could be the engagement photo) and the event dates.

If the wedding is in the morning, can we set it up to have people come in the night before?

Yes!  Just put in the event date and then say you want people to come in one night before.  You can also use this feature to build another tool for the wedding party if the bride wants them to come in more than one day ahead of time.

My event is next weekend.  Is it too late to build my Smart Event Tool?

Not at all.  In fact, it is a great time to send everyone a link to your Smart Trip tool.

I do a lot of events at one facility near me.  Can I just create a smart trip tool for the venue?

Yes, but if you create a venue tool, it will not have the unique date for the event as the default for the travel dates.  It would be better to create an event tool with all the information for that venue, then CLONE it and customize it for each wedding or event with the right dates.

When you register you will be given a REFERRAL code on the Account screen.  Feel free to share that with your favorite venues and you will get credit as our referral partner for all bookings that are made for any event at that venue.

Will the event attendees get competitive rates?

Yes and for hotels, three is a best rate guarantee.  If they book on the site and find a lower published rate and provide a screeeenshot, they will get a check for 110% of the difference.

I also do events beyond just weddings.  Can I use the tool for those?


The reception is 30 miles away from the wedding venue.  Should I put in the church or the reception venue?

The beautiful thing about the Smart Event tool is that you can have as many as you want for a single event.   You can build one for hotels near the wedding venue and hotels near the reception venue.

You can have one for the people doing the setup, one for the bridal party and one for guests.   If the bride wants, she could even have one for her upscale friends/family, defaulting to 4 star hotels and one for her college friends that defaults to 3 star hotels.

How are the royalties calculated and paid?

Solutionz earns a commission on hotel rooms sold, as well as car rental and a small fee for airline tickets sold.  We pay a royalty quarterly for all bookings that have been completed and where we have been paid.  We pay you 10% of our revenues, which is roughly equivalent to 1% of the gross hotel booking amount (not including taxes or fees).  The higher the average daily room rate for the hotel, the higher the royalty.  So for event planners in New York, where hotel rates are very high, you will see a higher royalty.  For events catering to 4 and 5 star travelers, you will also see a higher royalty.  You are paid for the actual number of days booked, not just the day of the event.

How are the donations calculated and paid?

You may designate a single charity for all of the bookings done by your clients, or you can offer each event the ability to specify their own charity when you build their smart trip tool.  The charity must be a 501c3 registered with the IRS.

Keep in mind before opting for the individual charity designation that if the number of attendees booking rooms is small, it may amount to a “micro donation” to the charity.  Of course every dollar helps when you are a non-profit.

Most of the attendees will be local, but there will be alcohol served at the wedding.  Should we recommend that locals stay in a hotel?

Drunk driving and the inherent responsibility for what could be a tragic outcome is something to be avoided at all costs.

We provide various messaging tiles to help you with the communication from you or the bride to the attendees.

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[boc_heading]What else can you tell me about the program? [/boc_heading]

No matter what defaults that you set in the smart trip tool, the event attendee can always further tweak their choices.  Want to bring along the family and the dog?  No problem.  They can find pet friendly hotels.  Want a home rental or a condo?  We have that too.

If your event is being held at a hotel, often you are not given a choice on whether or not to secure a block of rooms.   TripProximity provides the event attendee choice and flexibility.

Access your dashboard 24×7 to see your analytics. TripProximity provides tracking by client, by event and includes an estimate of booking revenues for the period.

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[boc_heading] Getting started is easy [/boc_heading]

Download our Quick Start Guide if you need more information or just click on Register and get started building your first event now.

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