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Make life easier for event attendees and earn a royalty on each trip booked

In addition to listing your event on Evensi, we are pleased to introduce our Smart Event Trip Tool.  We are making this tool available to you at no cost.  Normally, 10 bookings are required before you begin earning a royalty, but our partner Solutionz has agreed to upgrade all of our Evensi partners to their level 2 product immediately.  You will earn a royalty from the first booking made using the tool and you will have full access to customized the look and feel of the tool to match your site, or your client’s site.

Make getting participants there even smarter

What if you could advertise your event on an even broader basis than you do today?  Why limit yourself to your local geography if people would be willing to come from out of town and you make it easy?

Earn a royalty on every hotel room and car booked through your smart event trip tool

Not only can you cut down on the time spent on “where should I stay” questions, but you can also earn a royalty on every booking.  We call that earning money while you sleep!
Test it out. Experience the magic of proximity-based hotel booking for your events

Case Study

This scenario plays out every day for people attending events

Last year I attended my first New Year’s Eve event at Armature Works.  It was nothing short of amazing.  The only thing that could have made it better was a recommendation for where to stay nearby.


There was a hotel ad on the site, but I prefer making my own selection – looking at a combination of guest reviews, brand affiliation and most importantly, proximity to the event, particularly if alcohol is being served.  My cousin was killed by a drunk driver a few years ago and ever since then I just don’t take the chance.


What’s in it for you?

Better customer service

You can make it so much easier to get to your event

Give Back

Solutionz donates 10% annually to your charity of choice

Incremental Revenue

For Evensi PRO and Enterprise Clients,
we share 10% of our revenues from bookings on a quarterly basis.

No matter what defaults that you set in the smart trip tool, the event attendee can always further tweak their choices.  Want to bring along the family and the dog?  No problem.  They can find pet friendly hotels.  Want a home rental or a condo?  We have that too.

Access your dashboard 24×7 to see how your smart trip tools are performing.  Solutionz provides tracking by client, by event and if you use our smart event capabilities, you can track by participant, by performer and by venue.

There are new sponsorship opportunities, such as who the default airline and car rental will be for those coming from out of town.  Instead of recommending just one hotel?  You can now feature an entire brand family, allowing attendees to choose which one meets their budget and comfort factors.

We all know that nothing happens without the roadies.  Even they can have their own tool to make finding a hotel nearby easy.

Each performer can have their own smart trip tool with their picture, inviting their network of colleagues and friends to “Join Me”.

Let the organizations that rent a booth at your events and festivals spread the word for you.  They can ask friends, family and colleagues to come and see them at the festival.

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