T-Vite – Game Changing Trip and Event invitation

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to invite others to a trip or to an event?  Wish no more.

With the TripProximity  t-Vite™ tool, you can build your own custom trip planning widget and install it on your website or blog.   Voila!  With the TripProximity Toolkit™ in just minutes, you can have your own custom trip planning widget.

Then you or the travelers to your venue or event can use the social sharing elements to share the trip or event on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + or via email you can share it with your network, with colleagues, friends and family.

Click on the widget image to see the live widget and learn more about TripProximity.

Event Planners and Managers

If you are an event planner or manager, you can create multiple copies of the trip tool for your event for the individual speakers at your event or those that are participating in your trade show.  You can even link the image on the trip tool (which can be their photo, logo or a graphic) to the ticketing and registration platform for the event.

Send the link to the custom version of the trip tool  to each speaker and exhibitor and ask them to share with their network.  You can even embed a special code for tracking of each speaker and exhibitor’s sharing activity!  For the first time you will be able to see the engagement of those that are participating in your event.

You can also share the custom speaker and exhibitor trip tool links yourself on your own network and see who is the most popular draw to your event!


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