Dynamic Obituary Tool

Return to Implementation Guide [boc_side_icon_box title="Make life easier for those traveling to the service and give back with each trip" icon="icon icon-diamond"][/boc_side_icon_box] Use our dynamic tool for the obituary tool to pass data to the dynamic script.  This ensures that the tool becomes a part of the page, rather than looking like an advertisement. [boc_spacing] …

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Dynamic Funeral Home Tool

Return to Implementation Guide [boc_side_icon_box title="Individuals needing to travel to the funeral home can easily find the details at a stressful time" icon="icon icon-diamond"]Featured Text[/boc_side_icon_box] Use our dynamic tool if you have a page template where you can pass data to the dynamic script.  For instance, the CONTACT US (VISIT US) page on a Funeral …

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Implementation Guide – Oxlos

[boc_heading alignment="center" color="#ffffff" margin_bottom="40px"]Implementation Guide for Oxlos for LifeSurge[/boc_heading][boc_heading html_element="h4" alignment="center" color="#ffffff" margin_bottom="40px"]Click on images to view live smart trip tools[/boc_heading] Click on the section to view the elements of the Implementation Plan [boc_tabs minimal_style="yes"][boc_tab title="The Benefits" icon="icon icon-diamond"][boc_accordion_section rounded="yes" with_bgr="yes"][boc_accordion title="Marquis Partner"] Oxlos will be our Marquis Partner in the Event Managment space. The …

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