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I have lived in Orlando for three years now and try as I might, I’m just not a Bucs fan, even when they’re winning.  I am a die hard 49ers fan and for the past few years, they haven’t played Tampa.  Well, Thanksgiving weekend is different.  I wouldn’t miss the game for anything.  I’ve been saving up so I can afford to spend the weekend with my best friend in Tampa.   I see that Ticketmaster has a relationship with Hilton, but my best friend is a Hyatt frequent guest, so I’m thinking that we’ll stay right on the water near the airport. It would be great if they just let me reserve the hotel room right when I buy the tickets to the game!  And it would be super cool to rent a convertible for the weekend.  I see Ticketmaster has a relationship with Hertz.  Maybe I can get a deal.

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Event attendees, even those that are local, often need or want a hotel room.  Ticketmaster is leaving money on the table.

Our dynamic tool can be installed in minutes on the page template for event venues and integrated into the buying path and in confirmations on the ticketing platform, providing incremental revenue from events immediately.

We can easily honor your deal with Hilton and Hertz by setting them as the defaults, but if the event attendees has other loyalties, you still get the benefit of the booking and the donation to charity.

Average conversion above the fold is 4.6% and below the fold is 2.6%.

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