[boc_heading]The Tribute Tool [/boc_heading][boc_side_icon_box title=”Donate to the charity of choice of the family after the service is concluded” icon=”icon icon-diamond”][/boc_side_icon_box]

The anywhere tribute tool is used to allow friends and family to travel in honor of the deceased, benefiting the family’s charity of choice.

This would be a dynamic tool, where the tool type changes from the event tool to the anywhere tool.


Step 1 – Styling the Tribute Tool

Once you are logged in to your Portal, you may click on the “i” on the bottom of the widget to edit the styling of the tool.  This includes setting the defaults and the look and feel.  You may use either a hero image or the rectangle image as shown.  The image on the tool would be either the image of the deceased or the logo of their charity of choice.

If you make changes after the fact to the styling of the took, you do not need to reinstall the code.  The changes will take place immediately.

Step 2 – Placement

The tool can replace the event tool in the Obituary.  The button text should change post-service completion.   We recommend you simply call it the Tribute Trip Tool.

Step 3. Activation

If you are happy with the styling of your smart trip tool, you may now grab the embed code below and paste it into an HTML or text container. Once you have installed it, please advise your Account Director.

<div id="tpw-widget"></div><script data-id="tpw-widget" src="https://widget.solutionz.com/js/loader.js" data-token="w06Rq9j1pUgg6PO0vDK9YBH64o75p0H59k5n61p4ZC76e8d4yG38z1r8Z2b6JnQA" onload="tpWidget({})" async></script>

The trackingCode can remain the same as it was for the service.

Also, for the date fields, we have defaulted to a week from the date that the widget is rendered for the travel date.  We have also set the number of travelers/rooms to 2.  The traveler may change these settings and also customize the results.

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