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Use our dynamic tool for the obituary tool to pass data to the dynamic script.  This ensures that the tool becomes a part of the page, rather than looking like an advertisement.


Step 1 – Style the Smart Trip Tool

Once you are logged in to your Portal, you may click on the “i” on the bottom of the widget to edit the styling of the tool.  This includes setting the defaults and the look and feel.  The dynamic components are shown encased in ampersands.  Also, the image of the deceased can be passed as a variable to replace the Funeral Concierge image.

If you make changes after the fact to the styling of the took, you do not need to reinstall the code.  The changes will take place immediately.

NOTE:  The %TEXT% below are the elements that come from the script.

Step 2 – Write the Script

If you are happy with the styling of your smart trip tool, you may now grab the embed code below and write your script. You will map your data to our variables. Once you have installed it, our implementation team will help you test it.

You will need to replace ‘XXXX’ with your variable or hard-coded value.

<div id="tpw-widget"></div><script data-id="tpw-widget" src="https://widget.solutionz.com/js/loader.js" data-token="Jjd61tK4SD0c135lseK71I9b21K34z6VXi19i8z8Q83847Oq1EsH8aLDc5nCo5f0"></script>
        headerText: 'Attend the service for %DECEASED% at ',
        poiName: '%SERVICE LOCATION%',
        appendPOI: 'Y',
        eventName: 'The Service for %DECEASED%',
        eventStart: 'XXXX',
        eventEnd: 'XXXX',
        daysBefore: 1,
        daysAfter: 1,
        address: 'XXXX',
        airport: 'XXXX',
        latitude: 'XXXX',
        longitude: 'XXXX',
        trackingCode: 'client_obId=28131893',
        imageURL: '',
        imageLink: ''

To get more information about the individual event venue variables, click HERE.  And for information about the event date variables, click HERE.

The most important information is the trackingCode.  It is best to use a unique code for each obituary that allows the booking reports to be sorted by funeral home and tied back to the individual obit.

Also, for the date fields, you may include a script that looks at the start time of the service to set the days before and the days after.  For instance, if the service begins before noon, you would set the days before to 1 and if the events of the day are not done before 3pm, you may wish to set the days after to 1.

Step 3 – Install the script in your system(s)

Decide upon the placement.  For people that actually want to attend the service, the tool always performs best above the fold, with the least amount of clicks to get there.  A single button or image linking to a landing page or a popup is ideal.  Your engagement rate will be the highest when the tool is only displayed when it is needed.

For the obituary, there are several places that an Attend the Service or Concierge button could be installed.  We recommend that you use one of those terms versus Plan your Trip, as the tool has components that can be used by locals and those not needing lodging.  Of course, most often it will be used for those coming in that might need lodging and also that may need a rental car and/or air tickets.  In both cases, the Concierge function is also very important as Tribute can curate a number of tools that are useful for those traveling to the service.

[boc_heading]RSVP Option [/boc_heading]

We are big fans of the concept of integrating an RSVP into the work flow.

The RSVP can be a smart tool that detects the location of the user, asking if they are coming to the service(s) and the answers can be Yes, No and Not Sure or Maybe.

The RSVP provides Tribute the ability to not only make the user journey more relevant for the user, but it also allows you to provide both the funeral director and the family with the list (or at minimum the number) of those that are coming in.

For the funeral director, they can then ensure that they are using the right room in their facility.  For the family, they can plan on the appropriate refreshments for after the service.

Here is how that could work with our tools.

NOTE:  In early 3Q Solutionz is releasing an integrated Calendaring application known as SmartCalendar.  We are happy to review that specification with you to see how it could work within an RSVP function.

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