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Use our dynamic tool if you have a page template where you can pass data to the dynamic script.  For instance, the CONTACT US (VISIT US) page on a Funeral Home website, where you pass the name and address of the funeral home.


Step 1 – Styling the SmartTrip Tool for the Funeral Homes

Once you are logged in to your Portal, you may click on the “i” on the bottom of the widget to edit the styling of the tool.  This includes setting the defaults and the look and feel.

Step 2 – Write the Script

If you are happy with the styling of your smart trip tool, you may now grab the embed code below and write your script. You will map your data to our variables. Once you have installed it, our implementation team will help you test it.

You will need to replace ‘XXXX’ with your variable or hard-coded value.

<div id="tpw-widget"></div><script data-id="tpw-widget" src="https://widget.solutionz.com/js/loader.js" data-token="k943818cQ2X7PtGn07vV4GC114BI5E2Wk3wjyC8hfn3X53CtQPGy7vxJcN02g0O9"></script>

headerText: ‘Plan your trip to ‘,


appendPOI: ‘Y’,

daysFromToday: 1,

numberOfDays: 1,

daysBefore: 1,

daysAfter: 0,

mapTab: 1,

address: ‘XXXX’,

airport: ‘XXXX’,

latitude: ‘XXXX’,

longitude: ‘XXXX’,


imageURL: ,


To get more information about the individual variables, click HERE.

The most important information is the trackingCode.  It is best to use a unique code for each funeral home that allows the booking reports to be sorted by funeral home.

Step 3 – Placement

Decide upon the placement.  The tool always performs best above the fold, with the least amount of clicks to get there.

For the Funeral Home websites, we recommend that the tool be accessible from each landing page for each location that the Funeral Home has.

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