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Hotel Trip Tool

Finds the available hotels near your location or event.

Hotel & Driving Trip Tool

In addition to finding available hotels near your location or event, it provides driving directions and optional car rental.

Hotel & Air Trip Tool

In addition to finding available hotels near your location or event, it provides the traveler with the ability to buy an airline ticket.

Complete Trip Tool

Includes all three tabs, allowing the traveler to plan their entire trip with hotel, driving directions, optional car rental and/or air booking.  This complete trip tool may be combined with the graphical and/or t-vite social sharing capabilities.

Graphical Trip Tool

You may choose any of the previous options for your trip tool, plus you may add a graphic, logo or photo to your trip tool to personalize it. That image may be linked to another landing page, such as a ticketing or registration page for an event.

Event Trip Tool

The social sharing function allows you as the venue or event manager to share the trip tool via social media or email promoting your location or event, or the travelers to your location may also share it, inviting others on the trip.  This is a great way to increase participation in your event.  The sample is of the Event Trip Tool, which has a link to a ticketing platform.

Reduce the time you spend finding meeting space and rooms for your event.

Meeting and event planners may use our TripProximity Trip Tool to find hotel rooms and meeting space near your company or venue. Select up to 10 hotels that meet your criteria.  Attendees can pay individually or as a group.

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