Using the “Anywhere” Smart Trip Tool

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[boc_heading] I’m Staying[/boc_heading][boc_heading html_element=”h3″] Find hotels nearby your destination[/boc_heading]
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  1. Click on the pencil and enter the name of any company/organization, any venue or any address.
  2. Then enter the dates of travel.  The system defaults to one week from today.  Click on the calendar dropdown if you need to change the dates and click on the day you want to checkin and then drag the cursor to the checkout date.
  3. The system also defaults to one room and one person.  Both can be changed.

If you would like to narrow the search by hotel brand family or by number of stars (we default to 3+), you can click on either of those drop downs.

Once you click SEARCH, a new window will open and the results of the Hotels Nearby will be displayed.

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Each hotel is shown in relationship to your destination, showing the distance from where you are ultimately going.   You can further filter by hotel name, hotel chain, price range, amenities, etc.  Or you can look at the list on a map.

The site includes private homes and apartments, in addition to traditional lodging options.

Once you are ready to choose a property, you can read reviews from real, verified guests and secure your room.

Some properties offer a pay when you check out option.  Others require payment up front.  In both cases, you will be presented with a recap of the charges.  If you book non-traditional lodging, there may be a cleaning fee.  Cancellation policies vary for each property, so read carefully before completing the transaction.

You will receive an email confirmation and can view and cancel the booking online 24×7.

[boc_heading] Driving Directions [/boc_heading]
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The smart driving directions give you the ability to calculate drive time and driving directions, based on the number of hours per day on average that you drive.

Optionally you can reserve a rental car, either at your starting point (if driving) or at your destination (if flying).

[boc_heading] I’m Flying – Air Booking [/boc_heading]
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The air booking capability will find the lowest price for your journey.

Simply enter the origin and destination airports (the origin will default to your preferred airport if you store it in the portal) and your travel dates.

You can optionally filter by airline and class of service.

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