Using TripProximity for your travelers

Any individual (executive assistants, project managers, concierges) that plans travel for one or more individuals can have their own TripProximity account.

As long as your organization doesn’t have to use a specific travel agency, online travel tool or a corporate travel management company, then our smart trip tool will be perfect for you. We can help you deliver convenience, context and confidence to the traveler.

We provide the front line support to the traveler 24x7x365, so you don’t have to.


If you have already booked a reservation and need assistance, you or the traveler can contact our Customer Service at 877-477-7441

If you call this toll free number please have the following information used when making your reservation available:

  • your trip number
  • phone number
  • email


  1. Each of your travelers can have their own tool or you can set up a tool for each of your clients or projects
  2. You can host the tool on our site, or it can go on your intranet or your internal administrative platform, such as Slack for access by your team and/or contractors
  3. If we host the tools, we provide a simple link to the list of tools
  4. Those that are responsible for booking travel, for anyone on the team, can access the tools from the list, bookmarking it on their browser


Proximity matters when planning travel.  You begin the process with the name of a company or venue or an address and TripProximity does the rest.

  1. Available HOTELS nearby their destination anywhere in the world
  2. Get DRIVING TIME and/or DRIVING DIRECTIONS from their starting point to their destination
  3. Rent a CAR, either at their starting point if they are driving or at their destination if they are flying
  4. Book AIR tickets to the closest airport


  1. Can be used globally, with pricing in USD or local currency and support in 40+ languages
  2. In addition to traditional hotels, the system includes private residences, apartments and condos
  3. 110% best rate guarantee on lodging booked via the tool
  4. Verified guest reviews on lodging
  5. To earn frequent traveler points for hotel bookings, simply call the supplier and have them add the frequent traveler number to the booking, or have the traveler show their number when they check in

Time Matters

Simplicity Matters

Proximity Matters

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