Why download our smart trip widget

Because you care about your visitor’s experience.

Enrich Your Service

TripProximitylanz makes it easier for people to travel to your facility, enhancing your service and their experiencer.

If you are a blogger, we enhance your content and make it actionable.  As you paint the picture of the destination, let our widget help get your readers there.

Earn Extra Money

If you have more than 10 bookings that result from your use of the widget per month, if you sign a Pro Partner Agreement, you will receive a royalty for every booking.

Our Enterprise clients will receive a royalty, plus a volume bonus for every booking done through your enterprise platform.

Simple to Install

Embed our code snippet on your website or blog and visitors can start booking immediately.  Customizing the widget and installing it takes less than 5 minutes.

If you have an enterprise system, it takes hours, not days, weeks or months to add trip planning to your offering for all of your clients.

Start today. It’s easy.

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