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The Event Widget contains the dates of the event and the duration.  You may also indicate if you want people to arrive earlier than the start date.  For instance, a bride may want the wedding party there two days early.  Or a marathon that begins at 7am may recommend getting a hotel room and coming in the night before.

The Event Widget can include driving directions/car rental and air or it can just be for lodging.  It can include a graphic (logo, photo, image) and can have an optional link to a ticketing/registration system.  We can also do online Hotel RFPs for up to 10 hotels and if you need a ticketing/registration platform for your event, we can help there as well.  Just contact us via online chat or email (see window in lower right).


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Changed the days before to 1 and days after to 2



Travel start date 2JUL Travel end date 18JUL.   If a travel date is NOT an event date, it should be solid BLUE, not just a blue border.   Only if a travel date is ALSO an event date, should it be green with the blue border.

If you change the travel dates (say to a month later), the original event dates should remain in grey, but NOT include the arrival before or staying after days.

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